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Netwave SVDR NW-4000

Netwave SVDR NW-4000


Netwave SVDR NW-4000

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The ultimate solution to user-friendly, easy to understand operation, this unit provides direct function access as well as remote system diagnostics, nabling any crewmember to find his way around without the need for special training.

The Netwave NW-4000 is designed to be placed inside consoles to reduce cable laying. The benefit is faster (and therefore cheaper) installation, ease of service and with the Power over Ethernet interconnectivity, easy to use and expand. Because of the special design, the Netwave S-VDR is used to replace older S-VDR solutions which are end-of-life, have high service costs or are non-functional.

As one of the leading manufacturers of Hardened Storage Servers, Netwave has developed and is manufacturing its own HSS. The capsule is unique in the marketplace today; with the integration of the complete Central Processing Unit and Data Storage Server into the armoured stainless steel (A316) capsule, connected to other system components via one single cable only!

Compliant to IMO resolution A.861(78) for VDR and S-VDR systems, IEC61996, IEC60945 and ED56/112.