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15ppm Bilge Alarm OMD-2005

15ppm Bilge Alarm OMD-2005


15ppm Bilge Alarm OMD-2005

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All monitors in our range are inspected and tested to the related I.M.O. requirements at 

our factories prior to delivery. 

In normal use the units should operate correctly and without fault over a long period of 

time requiring only small amounts of maintenance to be carried out as outlined in the 

instruction manuals. 

Service Exchange Units 

In the event of a monitor malfunction due to electrical or electronic component failure it 

is our recommendation that a service exchange unit be ordered. 

The defective instrument should be returned to our works within 30 days of supplying 

the service exchange unit, then only the repair charge is payable. Otherwise the whole 

cost of a service exchange unit becomes payable. 

This procedure is by far the easiest and most cost effective way of ensuring the monitor 

on board conforms to I.M.O. resolution MEPC.107 (49). 


According the MEPC.107(49) § 4.2.11 the unit has to be checked at IOPP Certificate 

renewal survey by the manufacturer or  persons authorized by the manufacturer. 

Alternatively the unit may be replaced by a calibrated 15 ppm Bilge Alarm. The OMD-

2005 is designed in that way, that only the measuring cell needs to be changed, as this 

unit carry the calibration onboard. The Calibration Certificate with the date of the last 

calibration check should be retained onboard for inspection purposes. 

If for some reasons the computer unit needs to be changed, it has to make sure, that 

the memory card will remain on board for at least 18 month. The new computer unit will 

carry its own memory card. The old card can be insert into the new unit only for reading. 

Writing is only possible with the card delivered with the new computer unit. For details 

see section 13.1.