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Furuno DS50 is a Doppler Speed Log

Furuno DS50 is a Doppler Speed Log


Furuno DS-50- Doppler Speed Log COMPLETE SET


The Furuno DS50 is a Doppler Speed Log designed to meet the IMO Resolution, IEC specifications and other national regulations. Its three-beam transmission reduces the effect of pitch and roll for high accuracy and enables the measurement of port-stbd speed as well as fore-aft speed. Keel clearance information is provided to assist with shallow water navigation.

The DS50 measures and displays the ship's over-the-ground or through-the-water speed based on the Doppler effect. Speed data can be output to external equipment such as ARPAs, INS and IBS. There are three operation modes: Ground-tracking, Water-tracking and Auto. The Auto mode continuously displays ship's speed, switching between Ground-tracking and Water-tracking automatically.

The DS50 consists of a display unit, processor and transducer. The compact design of the display unit allows flexible installation on the bridge. For monitoring at remote locations, analog and digital indicators are optionally avialable.