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Graviner-Mk6-Oil Mist Detector COMPLETE-SET

Graviner-Mk6-Oil Mist Detector COMPLETE-SET


Graviner-Mk6-Oil Mist Detector


ABOUT:Graviner Oil Mist Detector is very successful unit and it is using by hundreds of ships and we can provide you complete sales and after sales support for this OMD because we are keeping large inventory for complete units as well spare parts also for it. we have experienced, Skilled team for carry out of function test for this unit.   Our Company Undertakes the Fast Replacement or Repair of All Spare Parts for Kidde Graviner Oil Mist Detectors  The Technical Department, Having A Great Capability and Experience, Can Successfully Rebuild and Repair of Spare Parts. Our Company’s Workshop Equipped with All Necessary Instruments to Carryout Test and Rebuilt Complete OMD And Spare Parts.

KS Marine Service.