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Gyrocompass Tokimec TG-3000

Gyrocompass Tokimec TG-3000


Gyrocompass Tokimec TG-3000


Gyrocompass Tokimec TG-3000, designed for medium and large ships. Safe navigation is assured by this highly reliable gyrocompass, which features a unique gyrosphere suspension system and the latest electronics techniques.

Conforms to IMO standards The TG-3000 meets the lMO resolution A-424 performance standards.
Highly accurate Outstanding accuracy is achieved through a new technique (internationally patented) whereby the gyro-sphere is suspended in liquid oil by suspension wires. Accuracy within+0.5o can be maintained under all environmental conditions likely to be encountered at sea.
Compact and lightweight There are two compact units: the master compass and the transmission box. Their total mass is half that of their predecessors’ in this class of gyrocompass.
Easy to operate There is only one control switch, which has three positions: SLEW, OFFandRUN. At the SLEW position, the compass is slewed to the ship’s heading, and at RUN the compass is in full operational state.
Daily maintenance unnecessary In principle, no daily maintenance is required. Solid state plug-in circuit boards are employed, so it’s a simple matter of replacement in the unlikely event of a problem occurring.
Low power consumption, low noise, low heat generation The master compass normally consumes less than 1OO VA. And there’s scarcely any noise or generation of heat.
Emergency back-up function When the main AC power supply fails, visual and audible warnings are given, followed by automatic switching to the emergency power supply (DC24V).
Extensive repeater circuit Up to 8 repeaters can be connected on a standard model.

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